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Seal Coating and StripingWe have an impressive line of concrete paving services for both residential and commercial applications. With more than a decade of experience as paving contractors in the Rockford area (and surrounding Northern Illinois communities), we also specialize in more modern services such as Paving Stone Installation, Pavement Recycling, Decorative, Colored, Imprinted, Stained and Stamped Concrete.

We offer popular concrete construction services including decorative concrete patios, walkways, sidewalks and similar concrete projects. We are experts at stamped concrete, colored concrete, and exposed aggregate surfaces. We can also complete large concrete paving projects. For replacement projects our crews will remove and dispose of all old concrete materials. We will take measures to minimize any damage to lawns, landscaping or structures.

Decorative Concrete is one of the hottest building trends today. We install decorative concrete and decorative concrete surfaces commercially and residentially. Depending on your specific need or budget, we have a style and solution to fit your budget.

Stamped Concrete is installed by having a fresh slab poured, then quickly followed by the process of casting color and the placement of the stamp patterns that you choose to have installed. After a bit of detailing, you are left with a new impressive product.

Concrete Staining (or stained concrete, colored concrete) is the process of adding either an acid chemical stain or water based stain to pre-existing concrete to give a marbleized appearance. This is a unique look for those that do not want any overlays installed but would like the colors applied to the concrete or pavement.

Stylish Pattern Imprinted Concrete is a high-strength fiber mix design technique that gives a long lasting and beautiful stable surface that, unlike asphalt, blacktop paving or gravel, will not sink or spread and will not harbor weeds and is oil and stain resistant. Whether you need a new driveway, sidewalk, walkway or a new patio, Pattern Imprinted Concrete offers a wide choice of colors, patterns and styles with a truly low maintenance finish that will look good for years to come.


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